Webinar on Feb 23rd: Event and festival industry in Covid-19 crisis. Shadows or opportunities?

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Event and festival industry in Covid-19 crisis. Shadows or opportunities?

Arts and Humanities Enterprise Hub AHEH Online webinar
on February 23rd, 2021, 12–2 pm (CET)
(1pm–3pm Finnish time)

Register at: http://bit.ly/3avkQCT

Organized by XAMK and Pink Eminence Ltd.

The webinar focuses on the survival struggle that the event and festival industry professionals, entrepreneurs and companies currently face. Digital leap is a reality for some. Hybrid events and virtual solutions have emerged. What are the new skills needed and future learnings coming out of the situation? The webinar is aimed at all involved in cultural production of events, companies and educators working in the field.

The webinar is free of charge. Registrations are now open – the Zoom-link will be sent to all attendees later.


1 pm Welcoming words by Silja Suntola, XAMK

1.10–2 pm Festivals and events in Covid-19 crisis. What do we learn? Outi Raatikainen, Pink Eminence

2.00–2.45 pm The Doors are closed. What will the future look like for festivals, arts and artists! True or false?? Statements on Corona, Culture & Event management by Outi Raatikainen and Silja Suntola. Panel discussion Mikko Leisti, David Francis Moore and Tomi Purovaara

2.45–3 pm Wrap up: Learnings of the day Silja Suntola, XAMK


DAVID FRANCIS MOORE (Theatre Programme Manager at Visual, Centre for Contemporary Art and Theatre, Ireland) has worked across both the arts and business sectors simultaneously developing extensive knowledge and skills within a variety of areas including arts management, property portfolio management, property investment and sales/marketing project management. This has allowed him to develop a multifaceted and unique career portfolio that demonstrates his ability to adapt to, and excel within a variety of professional working environments, while at the same time being acutely aware of the fine balance between business acumen, commercial viability and artistic sensibility. As an Arts Programmer, Creative Producer and Artistic Director his passion has always been firstly, to provide a platform for artists to explore, cultivate and present new works and secondly, to find opportunities to engage audiences with these works. David Francis Moore is self-motivated, ambitious, enthusiastic, energetic and willing to think outside the box and approach obstacles with a creative and problem-solving attitude to achieve strategic goals and objectives.

SILJA SUNTOLA is long-term professional in the creative industries, with substantial references from the music sector as well as research, development and education within creative industries. She currently runs a number of international projects at the Creative Industries Research Unit at the South-Eastern University of Applied Sciences.

MIKKO LEISTI is one of the most experienced and renowned cultural entrepreneurs and event producers in Finland with decades of experience. As an essential developer of urban culture in Helsinki, Leisti has initiated many established and long running urban events Like Art Goes Kapakka. Recently he started a new venture for coworking, restaurants and events called Sofia Helsinki in the central Helsinki just in the middle of Covid-19.

TOMI PUROVAARA, the cultural director of city of Kotka, Finland, has an impressive background of management and expert positions in both cultural organizations and national projects. He has been, to name a few, the director of CIRKO – Center for new Circus, Globe Art Point, an information centre & advocate for cultural equity, diversity and inclusion in the arts and cultural sector in Finland and Cultural centre Caisa.

OUTI RAATIKAINEN is the CEO and founder of Pink Eminence Ltd, a Helsinki based company establishing strategic connections between culture and business life. She has a rich background in visual culture, communications, marketing, event production and management of cultural organizations. Her consulting work focuses on operational concepts, strategies, business plans and cultural product development. The clients of Pink include, for example, museums, theatres, festivals, artists and art organizations, cities, governmental organizations, universities and private companies. Ms. Raatikainen is also a partner and Senior Marketing advisor of StarHop Creative Ltd. An innovative Helsinki based company combining arts and technologies. The company designs and creates unique concepts and produces audiovisual experiences for multiple platforms.

The Webinar is part of the Arts & Humanities online event 2021 series, featuring eight online events on a diverse range of topics relevant for Arts and Humanities professionals, students, educators as well as those providing professional development support.

For more info, please visit: www.artshumanitieshub.eu/resources/aheh-online-events-2021